Mid-Career Faculty Award


Petra Duran-Gehring, MD
Petra Duran-Gehring, MD

Petra Duran-Gehring, MD

Associate Professor & Medical Director, Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

2023 Awardee – Women in Medicine and Science Mid-Career Faculty Award

  • Local atcheevements: Creation of an ultrasound-guided IV placement program for our EMTs.  She improved IV placement in many of our chronically ill patients, solving delays in care, waiting for a physician placed IV.  Dr. Duran proved that not only could she teach the EMTs to place USGIVs, but that they could do it just as well as physicians!  She published her 97% EMT success rate for USGIVs and demonstrated that this program reduced the number of non-critical central lines by >50% in the ED.  Now it is unusual for a physician to place a central line for mere IV access.  This change in culture in the ED started a chain reaction throughout the hospital and her EMT led IV program has now grown to be the USGIV team for the entire institution, reducing central line days by 39%, central line associated blood stream infections by 50% and saving the institution around $600,000 annually. Her EMT IV team provides 24 hour a day coverage and places >6,000 ultrasound guided peripheral IVs and midlines annually
  • AWARDS: 2022 ACEP National Emergency Medicine Faculty Teaching Award and Exemplary Teaching award from the UF-College of Medicine seven times since 2008
  • EM Ultrasound fellowship director, SAEM Academy of Women in Academic EM Mid-Career Faculty Award in 2021
  • Dr. Duran-Gehring’s mentorship style was summed up by a recent graduate, “[Dr. Duran takes you under her wing, cultivates your skills and knowledge, instills excitement and energy, and prepares you to tackle the world head on ” while another notes “she always goes out of her way to teach residents, to be an open ear, to provide guidance.”


Amie Hoefnagel, MD
Amie Hoefnagel, MD

Amie Hoefnagel, MD

Associate Professor & Associate Program Director, Anesthesiology Residency; Medical Director, Quality Improvement

2022 Awardee – Women in Medicine and Science Mid-Career Faculty Award

“Dr. Hoefnagel has demonstrated excellence in clinical skills at the local and national levels. Her area of expertise is in neuroanesthesia, but is also recognized as the go-to person for all types of high risk cases. She has been honored twice for her superb clinical care at A Night for Heroes at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville.”

“She has worked for her profession on multiple levels. She has served on multiple committees at the department, institution, and national levels. She won the departmental service award in 2016. She serves as department champion on the institutional Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committee. She is highly involved in the SNAAC serving on multiple committees.”

“She specifically seeks out trainees to work with her on her scholarly projects, allowing for multiple women trainees and junior faculty to also become published.”

“She is an example to all women academic physicians both for her excellence and for her dedication to sponsoring other women.”