Doctors & Clinicians of Tomorrow (DCoT)

UF Health Science Center- Jacksonville


There is a critical need for physicians, nurses and pharmacists throughout the state of Florida. Based on current estimates, Florida will need an additional 17,924 doctors and 59,000 nurses by 2035. There is also a great demand for pharmacists given their increased importance in vaccination programs and chronic disease management. These shortages are predicted to become dire as more demand for clinical services grows in line with the increases in Florida populations.
Not only is there an issue with the size of Florida’s health care workforce but with the diversity of Florida’s workforce, specifically its clinicians. Florida is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the US. However, this diversity is not reflected in its health care workforce. Black, Hispanic, and Native American clinicians in medicine, nursing, and pharmacy are underrepresented compared to their share of the population. To increase the size and diversity of the health care workforce, we must create pathway/pipeline programs that inspire and prepare all students, especially students from diverse backgrounds, students from low- income families, or students with unique abilities to enter professional schools in the health sciences.
The goals of Doctors and Clinicians of Tomorrow (DCoT) program at UF Health Science Center- Jacksonville (UFHSC-J):

  • Inspire students to pursue a clinical career in medicine, nursing, or pharmacy.
  • Increase student confidence to pursue a clinical career.
  • Increase the number of all students including students from diverse backgrounds, students that would be first-generation college students, students from low- income families, or students with unique abilities to gain admission to professional medical, nursing, or pharmacy schools.

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The DCoT program from the students’ perspective

2023 in a Glance


Session 1 –Rehabilitation Services

October 25, 2023

Session 2 – Ultrasound

November 29, 2023

Session 3 – Visit to Health Colleges at UF Gainesville

Jamuary 24, 2024

Session 4 – Cardiology/Visit to Cath lab

February 28, 2024

Session 5 – Nursing

March 13, 2024

Note: No pictures because students were with patients throughout the session

Session 5 – Nursing

April 24, 2024